With 7500+ Commercials, Voiceovers and Music Production projects completed, Producer & Top-Rated Fiverr Seller Harold Everton, MBA will bring his energy and first-class work ethic to all of your media projects. 

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Everton Media Blog

Welcome to the Everton Media Blog, where I share my latest professional updates, recent projects, tastes in fashion, music, food, tech interests, and general concerns with the world. Browse, comment and share your thoughts. Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to chatting with you!

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Latest Updates

EvertonMedia That New 15" Macbook Pro Though! Time To Upgrade My Mid 2014! https://t.co/jrYD35OKeG
EvertonMedia Just Picked Up My First Brick Headz Lego Figure. Hans Solo, Who Else Would It Be?! #StarWars #HansSolo #Lego https://t.co/KhjvF17WrI
EvertonMedia Brooklyn Winter Fashion. FIND ME ON FIVERR AND HAVE ME BE YOUR ENERGETIC SPOKESMAN NOW! https://t.co/H3XgiqR3w4https://t.co/ZxyFbeekKv

Just renovated my studio with a new gray and white color scheme and replaced a bunch of aging equipment. I picked up brand new newly released Canon T7i.