About Everton Media

Everton Media is a New York City boutique interactive media firm dedicated to Innovative Music Production (Nu-Funk), Interview Marketing, Customized Video Advertisements and embarking on New Media Ventures thorough identifying market needs and building startups to address those needs.

Everton Media was founded in 2012 by C.E.O. Harold Everton, MBA

About Harold Everton

A musician since age 5, Everton was given a six year scholarship to the Juilliard Music Advancement Program at age 11. After touring with several bands in High School, and producing for several local artists, he graduated Brooklyn College with a degree in Music Education and later an MBA in Media from MCNY. In addition to running EM, Everton is currently the director of an Instrumental Music and Film/Audio Production program at a High School in NYC, and runs an independent online app store and tech blog called GiveMeApps.